Business Consultant Helping Professionals

Start & Grow  Their Own Businesses 


 We offer aspiring entreprenuers a step by step process on how to start online

We help small businesses grow their existing businesses 

Our services include business consulting , digital marketing and e-commerce

How To Start Your Own Business

Do you have a passion that you want to turn into business but dont know how to go about it? 

From choosing business structures, business registration, preparing business plans for funding & grants application to book keeping.

We are here to help guide people with little or no prior business experience learn new skills required to set up and run their own businesses

Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business with our affordable search engine optimisation and online marketing packages.

From keyword research, competitor analysis, content writing we offer simple and effective SEO packages for small to medium size businesses.

Call us to discuss an SEO Package suitable for your needs including Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Website Optimisation Strategies 

Amazon Coaching for Businesses and Individuals

 We help businesses list and sell their products on Amazon and coach individuals start on Amazon  

Aspiring entrepreneurs can get into business and become profitable right away without the need to come up with a new product idea.

We are here to offer a step by step training on Amazon FBA process from product research to listing, accounts set up to shipping of your products


Goodbye Corporate Hello Freedom’s mission is to help individuals from corporate looking to transition into Entrepreneurship set up and grow their own Online Businesses.

For a number of years, I worked in corporate finance climbing the corporate ladder. Doing the long hours, feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

In my quest to find freedom, I invested in my education and acquired entreprenuership skills.

I am now committed to help others live a lifestyle they truly love. The internet has changed everything, now more than ever before, it is possible to create a lifestyle of your own design.

My biggest goal is to help those who want a change but have no idea on how to go about it. 

I am showing other aspiring entrepreneurs how they too can say Goodbye to Corporate and Hello to Freedom.


How To Start a Business Around a Full-time Job

How To Start a Business Around a Full-time Job

How Can I Start a Business Around a Full-time Job? A lot of people have started a business while still working at their full time job and it's absolutely possible to replace your income before leaving to focus on a business. More so than ever today, its possible to...

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