You have spent money on your ads to generate traffic to your website. Potential customers are browsing your site but not buying, not converting…what next?

First, we need to understand conversion rate…a conversion rate is a simple formula that represents the number of actions taken as a percentage of the traffic received.

The higher your conversion rate, the more sales your business gets.

Here are the 6 strategies, combine these strategies and you are in for a very prosperous 2017!

1. Do You Have a Promise of Value To be Delivered?

Can you explain in less than ten words why a customer should buy from you and not your competition? This message should be on your website or on your landing page.

This is critical, it’s the expectation from the customer on how value or benefit will be delivered. If it’s unclear, not transparent enough, a bit vague or complicated they simply wont buy!

2.Testing /Running Ads Simultaneously

Also, known as split test, the best way to boost your conversion rates is to test two messages at the same time to see which works better.

Remember to test, test, test! You can test keywords, your call to action buttons, free offers, headlines, images etc. Google, Facebook, Linkedin all have analytics that can be used for testing your ads.

3.Today, Most People Have a Short Attention Span, So Cut the Fluff!

People are also pressed for time, make their decision making easy for them, simplify the process and whats on the offer,

Forget the long winded convoluted sentences, we are all guilty of this! Get to the point on your message! don’t use too many buzz or fancy words either… use a simple language!

4. Don’t Rush into Capturing Sales

Focus on value! Raise awareness of the benefit of your product, how it can solve your customer’s problem, how it can meet their needs and then create interest on whats on offer!

Forget the hard selling, always focus on offering value for free, provide genuine and valuable content for free to build a list then focus on building a relationship with this list.

Offer demos, downloadable reports, eBooks, free trials etc. these are great for increasing higher conversion.

5. Build Trust

People will not buy from someone they don’t trust, don’t like, don’t want to associate with or cannot relate to.

Today customers are much better informed, your website must be able to meet the trust criteria!

Zig Ziglar highlighted that one of the four reason that people will not buy from you is if they don’t trust you. Explain your credentials, your experience, your associations, your awards, physical address, contact details, reviews and case studies, and testimonials.

6. Use Incentives to Urge Customers to Take Action as Soon as Possible

But don’t create fake scarcity!  For example, “Only two more days left to buy,” ”Free offer will end in two day” etc.

Now go get them!


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