Starting a side hustle is the best way to start working on your passion!

It’s also one of the best way of finding yourself. Do you ever wonder what happens to us after working 9-5 for too long?

We lose ourselves and our passion, we become machines, we stop dreaming and all the hope we had in our early years on life and ourselves suddenly disappears.

We settle with what everyone else is doing because its safe,its security…we tell ourselves.

Goodbye Corporate Hello Freedom in partnership with Digital Expert Academy help individuals find their passion and purpose by just starting something small on the side while working their 9-5!

Tips for Starting Your Side Hustle
1.Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet!

My number one advice is don’t quit your day job yet! The money you are earning will help fund your side gig until you have built up that momentum.

2.Don’t Do It Alone!

Find mentors and join a mastermind group of like- minded people. You want to learn from people who have been there made the mistakes and learnt from them.

There’s tonnes of mentors out there but find the good ones! SFM provides mentor-ship programs on how you can start your side gig.

Good mentors will act as your support system, they will motivate you and cheer you on plus they will show you the ropes so that you don’t make similar mistakes they made!

3.Start Working in the Evenings and Weekends

Unfortunately, there’s no quick, easy way to any side hustle so your life will change! Comfort and transformation don’t live in the same room. The quicker you accept this change the better your journey will be!

4.Get Comfortable with Failing or Making Mistakes

Imagine if a child learning to walk would have given up and said, nah this is not for me! Make mistakes and learn from them.Usually we fear being judged by others. We carry around our ego, we don’t want to be rejected, humiliated, we want everything to go smoothly, to be applauded. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. The quicker we learn and get used to making mistakes the easier our journey will be.

5.Don’t Wait until You Have Figured Out Everything, Just Start!

You will never be ‘ready’! The stars will never align for you to take action, there will never come a day when you have conquered your fear so just do it, start today! With little or zero knowledge as long as you are willing to learn you should be good!

The paradox of knowledge is the more you know the more you realize you don’t know!

6.Know What You Want (You don’t need to know how you will get there at first…)

But it’s crucial to have a clear vision of exactly what you want. You also need to know why you are doing what you are doing. Who are your customers? What do you want to offer them, why you want to offer it to them? This will help you stay focus on what you are offering! You won’t be tempted by any shiny objects! and it will help you get to where you want to get.

7.Go in With the Serving Others and Helping Others Mindset. 

Don’t have profit as your number one focus, don’t look at everyone and see dollar signs! Instead ask yourself how can I be of service to them? How can I help them solve their problem? Offer them value. You will only succeed if you have this mindset!

This is so crucial. Remember stop selling and start helping! You need a genuine emotional desire to help people solve their problem by using your products/services.

This is your purpose, your passion…if you are not passionate about it you will do it half-heartedly or you will just quit mid-way!

Starting a side hustle is not difficult! but it requires change in our way of thinking. More than anything you need to have a strong belief in your vision or what you want to achieve.

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