1.Most People never really define specifically what starting an online business means for them

For most people, the idea of starting an online business, is just that an idea, too far-fetched, not having role models around or people who are living their dreams doesn’t help either. In addition, some of us are surrounded by people who don’t believe in us and what we want to achieve.

Unless you truly believe in what it means for you to start an online business, you will never really start your own business you will be listening to others instead of your own Why.

2.Most People are not prepared to pay the price

Do you remember when you first started learning to drive? Do you remember when you had to think of everything before driving? Putting the key on the ignition, taking the gear out of neutral, the clutch the accelerator etc. But fast forward years later its almost second nature? You can start the car while talking on your phone (not recommended btw), talking to your partner, giving out to your kids at the back or listening to the radio etc.

Starting anything new is challenging, in the beginning you have to figure out how everything works but with time it becomes second nature, allow time…the biggest question is, do you have the ability to delay gratification?

If you cannot delay gratification and patiently wait for the result you simply won’t be able to start your business or will be tempted to quit along the way.

3.Most People wait too long to start

Most people wait for the perfect moment to arise before they make the decision, knowing exactly what they need to do to move forward fear and procrastination hold most people back

The longer you wait the longer it’s going to take to see results…there will never come a day when you are not afraid…the secret is to feel the fear and do it anyway

4.Most People are too lazy and won’t put in the hard work!

Ask anyone if they want financial freedom and most people will most certainly say yes please! But give them a step by step blueprint and some people will still find excuses or difficulties or reason to quit! Most people want things to be easy

Even lotto winners will tell you that they were days that they felt discouraged but kept going and bought the next ticket!

There is no magic button, everyone would tell you that hard work is key. No one is immune from hard work, so roll up and the sleeves and get going!

5.Most People wait until they know enough/or have figure it all out!

Fear of the unknown paralyses us. It prevents us from starting anything new.

The way our brains are wired is that we would rather put up with jobs that are unfulfilled than face the unknown.

Our brains will try to protect us from from making mistakes, for not having all the information

We then tell ourselves that once I get a degree then I will be ready, once I do the course then I will be ready… the truth is you will never be ready it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, it’s all about the application, how do you apply the little knowledge that you have and what you develop from that knowledge.

6.Fear stops people from starting their own online business

Take a minute to think about all the number of times fear stopped you from taking action and in the process cost you opportunities or time

Learn to harness your fear and rather than focusing on the negatives use fear to force yourself into positive action

Remember that money and success live on the other side of fear.

7.They Give responsibility to others

A lot of people would start something but would then expect miracles or hand over responsibilities to others to change their circumstance and grow their businesses. You need to have some understanding of what you are about to embark on before you make any type of investment, understand the risks and the rewards and what is involved you can’t pass on the responsibility of your own future for others to sort out that is your responsibility!

8.Most People give up when they face challenges

There will be challenges. Just like the 9-5, running a house hold, going to uni, etc. life is full of challenges. What makes it different to those who succeed is what they do with the challenges they face and the person they become after those challenges

Ask yourself what’s stopping you to start your own online business today?


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