Amazon will block Australian shoppers from accessing its US and UK marketplace from July when new GST changes come into effect.

Since the news last week, more and more Aussie businesses have now started listing their products on Amazon.

This is great news for Aussie sellers. From July consumers will be redirected from any international Amazon website, including Amazon US and UK, to the Amazon Australia marketplace.

For Aussie sellers this means more business. Although some might perceive this as a restriction of choice for customers, as an Aussie seller you can now list products on Amazon knowing that Aussie customers will not get similar product from the market elsewhere.

Amazon will continue to service Australians through the Australian site. This means Aussie sellers and distributors will be forced to offer an expanded range of products, this will help Aussie businesses by driving demand and creating more opportunities for retailers.

If you are still yet to decide on whether you should list your products on Amazon,this should serve as a reminder for your business, to identify new opportunities for your sales channels.

The Aussie market is expected to increase significantly since all Aussie shoppers will now be redirected to the local Australian site.


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