As more and more sellers are now selling on Amazon I thought I would share some of my Amazon Listing Optimization Tips and Tricks. Since competition is super high for Amazon sellers, to stand out or rank better on Amazon you need a fully optimized listing rich in all relevant keywords.

And like any eCommerce platform your listing is your window shop, this is the first thing that your potential customers will see before buying your product, your listing influences their buying decision in a big way.Therefore the best way to get more buyers is to respond to what they are looking for and not the other way round!

Here are my tips for optimizing your listing on Amazon

1 . Your Listing Should Not Be About Your Product

Sounds a little bit crazy indeed, but your listing should always be about the problem that your customer has and how your product provides a solution to this problem. Sell the benefits that your customer will get from using your product,this will improve your product is relevancy and increase your ranking on Amazon.

2 . You Must Include Lifestyle Photos

If you want to optimize your listing and attract more buyers to your listing, product images will sell your products.You must show your product being used,product packaging and showcase your products multiple angles.Today people want to know where your product came from, do you have images of where your product is manufactured? like the warehouse for example?

Do you have photos showing how the customer will look like using your products?

This is crucial! Because customers want to relate, its all about that emotion connection to your product. Ever heard of emotional buying? When people feel a strong connection towards something, they will buy the product.

Remember your images must tell a story, because you are not there yourself to explain how amazing your product is therefore you need your images to confirm just that.

3 . Long Descriptions

Successful listings on Amazon have long descriptions, why? because customers are very well informed these days, and they will read every sentence.

Do a keyword and a search term research and find out what keywords are customers looking for about your product or similar products.

Writing a great listing is an art, fancy marketing jargon alone won’t do. it’s not to be rushed, again remember you need to tell the customer a story and establish that connection.

4 . Product Description

One of the best ways to rank up your listing on Amazon is having a great Product Description. Fill this filed with even more search terms in order to sell your product and stand out.

To fully optimize your Amazon listing remember its ‘benefits over features’.You can get even more detailed here as customers reading this section are now really interested in buying your product, so don’t disappoint. Think of a product description field as a lead capture, you want them to buy after reading this section therefore include a very subtle call to action.

5 . Title

Just like your product description the longer and more detailed the title, the better. Amazon likes longer titles,so don’t be afraid to really sell the features of your product – but they must be in relation to what your customers are looking for, this is one of those secret formulas to fully optimize your Amazon product listing or any other SEO optimized copy.

The key really when it comes to optimizing your listing is to not just list endless features that don’t meet buyers intentions, benefits and expectations.You’ll notice that on Amazon, products with long, keyword-rich titles outrank the simple and clean ones every single time.

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