There’s a price you pay for not asking.

As we begin a new week I would like to challenge you to ask for what you really want in life.

Do you want that pay rise? Ask! Do you want to start a business but have no enough capital to start? Ask!

Always ask. Ask for what you want. Its only when we ask we receive.

We usually don’t ask because;

1.We Don’t Feel Worthy

Sometimes we don’t feel worthy, we don’t feel deserving, so we tell ourselves we wouldn’t be considered anyways, we write ourselves off. So many opportunities are missed because we never asked!

2.We Fear Rejection

This one is the most common reason why most people won’t ask. We fear the word NO. Remember this, what do you have to lose? You didn’t have it before you asked and you don’t have it after you have asked! So, you have lost nothing.

Don’t allow the fear come in the way of realising your goals.

3.We Don’t Know That We Could Ask.

Not knowing that we could ask is another common reason, I would like to encourage you to always ask.Don’t be afraid to ask, take a chance, put yourself out there and ask!

Another way of asking is to make a list of the things you really want to achieve in life and then ask God, The Universe or whatever Greater Power you believe in, to grant it to you.

Review, research, read or find out more about the items on your list, this way when an opportunity presents itself you are well prepared!

More importantly, what this also does is, it prepares your mind to receiving, it creates some sort of awareness to your subconscious mind and forces it to work towards bringing you closer to your desired wants.

The secret in asking is to act like you already have it and prepare your mind for it.

To fast track the results take small consistent action towards achieving your goals every day!


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