Do you have the courage to face adversity, to turn failures and obstacles into opportunities?

Can you get up after being knocked down and say yes, let’s go again?

Courage is NOT running away from the hard times we are facing but instead turning around and looking at every fear in the eye and take it head on.

Courage is about finding the strength within ourselves to get back on our feet when we’ve fallen down and listening to our own inner voice instead of what others have to say.

It’s about owning our truth and standing up for what we believe in.

It’s about giving ourselves another chance even when others have dismissed and rejected us.

Courage Is Doing What You Really Want to Do, Even When You’re Scared

Courage Is Doing What You Really Have to Do, Even When Everyone Says You Shouldn’t

Its courage that takes you an inch closer to where you want to be.

If you’ve experienced repeated failures and have struggled to get back on your feet, don’t lose hope! Allow your fear to surface up, and see all your failures as experiences that have given you more strength, courage, and confidence.

Go Again. And Again! And if you fall, get up, dust off, and go again.

This time, go harder, go faster. Don’t worry about failure. Tell yourself that you will succeed. See yourself succeeding! And no matter what is been thrown at you, persevere and keep going.

Courage is about NOT GIVING UP.

It’s about seeing the end goal and understanding that where you are now is only temporary.

So many people think they can’t start from the beginning and rebuild their life. So, they stay in unfulfilling jobs, relationships, and negative situations. But honestly, the beginning of happiness is better than the middle of mediocrity or misery.

It all stems from self-belief, understanding your why… from this point one builds a sense of faith and hope.

You will have the courage to OVERCOME anything if you have unwavering belief.

You will find yourself persevering, you will build resilience and tremendous amount of focus only if you truly believe in it.

It takes courage to get anything in life.


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