So you have taken the leap of faith and have started an online business and have invested time, money and effort in your business.

What most people won’t tell you beforehand is that, starting an online business or starting anything new takes hard work, commitment, determination and the ability to believe in something you cannot yet see – the dream.

In the beginning, you will face more challenges than victories. There will be a big learning curve.

You would want to quit and you will get overwhelmed by the amount of information available to you and how much you need to learn.

1. Not Everyone Will Get Results in The First 6 Months!


I am sure by now you have heard of so many success stories of people who did well in their first 6 months. People who were able to quit their 9-5 jobs in no time when the big money started rolling in…

I am here to tell you that those stories are exceptional. Those results are not typical and that its most likely that either those people had no other commitments like families, mortgage, rent etc and were probably living at their mommy’s & daddy’s garage when working non-stop on their business

No-one who has other commitments like family, mortgage, a full-time job and working on their business part time in the evenings and week-ends had been able to see the BIG cash rolling in within the first 6 months!

Don’t get me wrong you can definitely see results working consistently on your business part time or full time, but it harder if you are working evenings and weekends on your business while still working 9-5, with a family to look after and support on top of keeping up with mortgage payments/rent or any other living expenses for that matter.

So, when people start guaranteeing results…be wary…results will always differ depending on individual circumstances and the amount of work you put in.

2. Learn to Be Comfortable With Rejection & Criticism


You will face rejection and negative criticism…what’s worse is that, it might come from people you love the most like your family and close friends for they won’t understand what you are doing…

They might not share the same vision as you, they won’t understand why you don’t spend as much with them they won’t understand why you are simply not the person you used to be.

On top of all that you’ll start to doubt yourself, you’ll have to constantly overcome emotions like fear, anxiety, overwhelm etc. and have less and less sleep.

To succeed you’ll have to learn tremendous focus, resilience, perseverance and willpower,

You’ll have to learn to ignore the naysayers and especially that voice in your head, you’ll have to learn to trust your intuition and your gut feeling.

In my experience, I have come to realize that most people are not afraid of hard work in this day and age.

Most people will work hard, very hard actually and will sacrifice everything and anything to see results.

But where most people lack is patient. They lack the ability to defer gratification.

This is one of the biggest reason why people quit on their business or things they have started.

Most people find it difficult to persevere when there’s little or no hope.

They say quitters never win and winners never quit. The ones who succeed in business are those who keep going when they face challenges or when there’s little hope.

If you are not patient with little ability to defer gratification you won’t last.

If you are not truly passionate about the business and just looking for quick results, to get rich quick…. you won’t get too far either.

Learn the skills and the results will come, the rewards will be tremendous.

Today, we have tremendous opportunities available for us all in the digital economy, it’s easier than it has ever been before in history to start a business and make money online – there are new millionaire everyday compared to 10 years ago.

But you still have to build a business and this requires unwavering self-belief.




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