We have all been there, we have written our goals, we are working on them every day!

Excited to be finally doing something that we truly love! Taking consistent action, just like they say we should.

We are following all the advice from our best teachers. But something is missing.

We are not seeing the results we want, we feel a bit behind, drained, everything seems to be delayed.

How come Xy has done so well?” The little voice in our head says.

Some even start to panic; Maybe I shouldn’t have done such and such, why did I do such and such. The little voice in our head continues!

We contemplate abandoning ship…

Here is my take on this, relax and trust the process! If you are taking consistent action as above but still not seeing progress, these 3 techniques might help you get back on track.

1. Surrender &Trust the Process

This open ourselves to all sorts of wonderful possibilities that are not always attached to our way of thinking.

Stop fighting, stop complaining and stop resisting against what’s happening right now, and trust that all will be well.

Put all the work towards your goals, then relax and allow it to come to you with faith.

Attempting to control the outcome means we limit possibilities, it also creates doubts and negativity that results in even further delays.

Detach yourself from the need to control the outcome.More About Surrender Here

2.The Art of Giving

When you are waiting for results but experiencing delays in your goals do the opposite. In other words, give to others first.

Try being of more value to others. Become of service to others.

It’s possible to give and yet become richer. Giving accelerates the realisation of our own dreams.

When you give away something of value or significant to others you strategically put yourself to receiving more.

Most people hold on tight to their last dollar, we forget that when we give away something significant to others, we open ourselves to receiving a multitude of abundance. I wrote more on Giving Here


Be grateful for what you already have in your life. Keep a gratitude journal.

When we appreciate what we already have, the universe conspires in helping us get more of that.

Fast track your dreams, be grateful with whatever little you already have, of what you want to attract more of and you will witness miracles!

It’s all about how we feel. When we feel like we have more, we feel and act successful. These feelings super-charge the magnet that will attract the results we want to receive. More on gratitude Here


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