Do you give yourself permission to be you, to do the things you want in your life, or even have the things you want in your life?

If not, whose permission are you waiting for and why?

We are constantly following the rules, blindly without questioning we have accepted everything as is.

We are so used to suppress our own passions and dreams because we fear looking odd, we fear being judged, we fear standing out, being different.

We don’t give ourselves permission to follow our heart but instead we look for validation and approvals from others. Family, friends, bosses the society.

We wait for permission from other people to tell us that it’s OKAY before we even consider going after it!

We don’t even realise that we are suppressing our own wants, we just carry on afraid to speak and live our own truth. We carry on as if there is unwritten code that says its ok to follow the masses if you don’t wish to rock the boat.

It’s no wonder why so many of us are unable to achieve what it is we truly want to achieve in life.

It’s no wonder why so many of us are so unhappy with ourselves, our relationships, our careers and  our life choices in general.

In the end, we start resenting ourselves and the people whose validation and approval we once seek.

Before I was able to break away from the need to wait for permission to do what I truly wanted, I limited myself and my choices in so many ways

To give you a few examples

  • I would wait for someone to say they loved or agreed with whatever it is I was working on before I allowed myself to fully pursue my interests and passions, especially when I started writing or stating my own business.
  • I was always afraid to be myself because I didn’t want anyone to think I was weird or for anyone to dislike me.
  • I always had an urge to do bigger and greater things, but I was afraid I wasn’t ready nor experienced enough to venture out from my corporate job.

I was stuck constantly waiting for someone to give me permission to be, do, or have the things I really wanted in my life.

In my opinion, the reason why we are constantly waiting for permission is because we’re either scared or insecure.

  • We are scared to take responsibility and experience failure
  • We are insecure because we believe we don’t have anything to offer.

Maybe it’s about time you get started and just give yourself the permission to go after whatever it is you want to achieve.

Because honestly, YOU are the only person holding yourself back and YOU are the only person responsible for the outcome of your life.

So, I would like to encourage you today to give yourself permission to follow your heart’s desire, pursue your goals and dreams.

Decide today, to be yourself and take responsibility for every aspect of our life, everything else will fall into place after we make that decision.


Best Wishes,

SFM Elite & Platinum Member of the SFM/DEA