It’s not uncommon nowadays to see a lot of people sharing their income reports online claiming they make millions online on a daily basis!

To be completely honest a lot of what we see is misleading and/or would take years of hard work to achieve.

Having said that, there is a number of people out there who are actually making the big cash online, making tens,hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly online.

The harsh reality is that a staggering 97% of people that run online businesses don’t make any money at all. Only 1% makes the 96% of the income earned, the rest which is the 2% is somewhere in-between.

This is not good news…

So, why is there such a huge gap?

Unlike what many other marketers would claim, making money online is not easy peasy…

It requires the right set of skills. And in order to be in 1% or the 2% that make most of the income one will need to learn these skills.

The good news is once these skills are learnt they can be duplicated. After duplication, the techniques and strategies learnt can be scaled and repeated day in, day out!

But the bad news is, online skills alone are not enough, mindset is a huge factor and if anything, is the biggest factor! To succeed one has to develop persistence and patience.

Today the internet has created tremendous opportunities, we are no longer bound by our geographical locations.

The barriers to entry have been reduced to almost zilch!

Anyone with a laptop and internet connection can make a living online! And yes, it sounds almost too good to be true but its where everything is now.

The internet has made starting a business online so easy, just look at Uber and Airbnb, Amazon and Shopify as an example…

You don’t need capital to turn your spare bedroom into an Airbnb! with access to customers from different parts of the world!

Businesses now have a customer base in the millions, across the world!

The advantage of this is that successful online businesses can continue to grow and expand without the risk of saturating their market or running out of new customers.

But even with all these opportunities many people continue to fail, many people are still struggling!

At this day and age many people are not afraid of hard work.

People would quit their jobs to start an online business, they would put in the hours and even re-mortgage their homes and work 24/7.

But the problem is that this level of commitment only lasts for the first 6-12 months.

Most people would simply quit afterwards! Usually its the excitement and the adrenaline that keep people going those first few months after the adrenaline wears off most people simply give up!

The lack of patience is what leaves all the 96% of the income to those who are patient, to those who keep going!

Warren Buffet once said; wealth is the transfer of money from the impatient to the patient!

In my experience, the BIG bucks don’t often come in in the first 12 months.

It’s the people that stick with it consistently for the 2-3rd  years that get the breakthroughs.

Those who are fully committed for 3 – 5 years are the ones with the multiple six or seven figure businesses.

But here is a crucial part…

Learning the skills and the right mindset alone will not work if you don’t surround yourself with the right people!

Get the right mentors!

The SFM offers the highest quality education and mentor-ship from their own 6 and 7 figure income earners who want to show others how to succeed in the online world!

Then get the right education…

A lot of people under-estimate the importance of getting the right education.

If you want to be successful learn from those who have proven success in the field you want to master.

If you were to scale Mt Kilimanjaro next week would you train with someone who went over last year and broke a leg?


Best Wishes,
SFM Elite & Platinum Member of the SFM/DEA