Do you have a longing or inspiration to fill a particular need in the world?

Do you want to make a bigger difference in the world but you aren’t sure how?

We all have a purpose in this world.

We all have a calling.

Listening to our intuition for our purpose is one of our most important tasks.

Our desires are whispers from our souls…its a way of your Higher Self trying to lead/show you the way to your ‘why’ or the reasons you are here…Are you trying to figure out your Purpose or your Passion? Listen to your Desires.

There is something; an idea, a voice, a desire, that has lived so close to our heart and soul. Has come into our thoughts again and again but we have turned away, saying – It wouldn’t work. Its not practical.It wouldn’t be realistic…

‘It couldn’t be that’, we would say to ourselves.

We try to brush it away, but have you noticed how it returns, asking again and again for your attention?

And have you noticed how no matter how much you try, you can’t replace it with something else?

It’s in stillness and meditation you can find the answers to these questions.

Usually our callings have dual purpose; to grow us and heal the world.

From pursuing a particular career, launching a business, giving your time to the community, mentoring others in your field to forming community support groups.

You may not know all the details, the whys and the hows.That is all okay.Take one baby step towards this voice and doors after doors will be opened.Your path will become clear and clear.

Here are some of the ways to recognize your purpose/calling

-You feel a vivid pain or frustration around the status quo of an issue or you have a vision of what it could be.

-You see a powerful vision; vague or clear about what could be around some aspect of the status quo.

-You feel a huge resistance, a part of you wants to run in the other direction.

-There are challenges, fears, doubts but when you are actually doing the work you feel a rare sense of meaning and rightness.

-You don’t yet have everything you need to have to complete the tasks.

In his book Unwritten, Jack Delosa  wrote about how he found his true purpose to serve others through personal trauma and adversity.

Growing in Melbourne in Australia his parents ran a not for profit organisation called Breaking the Cycle.

Breaking the Cycle took long-term unemployed youth off the street and put them through a training program that would result in meaningful employment.

Most of its students were young adults who were in and out of jail, addicted to drugs or from abusive homes.

Breaking the Cycle would place a staggering 97% of its kids into employment, with 85% still meaningfully employed after only 12 months.

It became the most successful job-placement agency for long-term-unemployed youth in Australia.

For Jack, Break the Cycle gave kids with little or no hope a new world full of possibilities, to grow into responsible adults and live their purpose through their own transformation.

In 1995, the Australian Government stopped funding due to its restructuring, Breaking the Cycle was no longer able to access the funding and later collapsed.

Jack went on to say he felt a strong sense of social and political injustice that an organisation that had helped thousands of kids break the cycle of drugs, violence, crime and jail was no longer able to carry out its valuable work, simply because it didn’t have the funding.

This confirmed to him that the traditional education systems don’t work for a lot of people and that a small amount of people who care can actually make a difference.

He went on to explain that he lost his brother who was to be his business partner shortly afterwards.

He had to start this new venture without his brother.

Although this business later failed. All these experiences forced him to grow.

The feeling of injustice from the collapse of Break the Cycle, the grieving of his brother, loss of self-worth and humility from the failed business venture forced him to grow and to expand his own vision and dreams of what was possible for him.

It made him more determined to help others who were stuck in the education system that failed those who are not suited to industrial-age style of learning.

He had seen thousands of kids that came through Breaking the Cycle and their lives transform, he knew that far too many people fall by the wayside because they don’t fit the traditional mould.

This dissatisfaction drove him to forge his own path and create a new paradigm that celebrates individuality.

Today Jack Delosa is helping thousands and thousands of young entrepreneurs worldwide and challenging the existing education system that puts everyone in the one box!

He went to form The Entourage which is now Australia’s largest education institution for entrepreneurs and innovators with 300,000 members worldwide helping individuals in the pursuit of their unique purpose away from the traditional educational system.

His experiences confirm that in life it’s not what happens to us that determines who we become, but rather how we interpret what happens to us and therefore who we become as a result.

Like Jack Delosa many success minds had to endure the depths of their own pain in order to reach the heights of their own fulfilment.

What is your purpose, what change do you want to see in the world?


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