When I was younger growing up in Tanzania my brother Fraser used to work on perfecting his animation until 4 am each day.

He would lock himself up in his room for days on end to just work on his art.

If it was the facial movement of one of the animations he was working on, he wouldn’t stop until he got the results he wanted to see.

I doubted if he even had the time to shower or brush his hair back then.

He worked and worked and worked!

He would even bring his laptop to the cinema so that he could finish his animations.

Everybody laughed at this obsession calling him a nerd!

I didn’t know back then but this level of focus is called ‘Unforced Focus’.

Its usually driven by passion, unlike ‘forced focus’ (me focusing on my month end deadlines working in finance) which is driven by willpower.

Using willpower to focus our attention on something rapidly drains of our glucose (brain fuel)

Our brain does not like to use willpower. It prefers emotion power, which is released by a much more powerful type of focus – Unforced Focus.

My brother Fraser is now a successful Animator working with successful clients!

Unforced Focus does not rely on will power, it relies on emotions – the energy that is driven by our unconscious brain.

Have you ever spoken or performed in front on a big audience and felt like something has completely taken over?

You can’t really explain what it is but feels almost like an out of body experience?

Unforced Focus occurs when we are pursuing something we are very passionate about.

Unforced Focus allows us to learn at an accelerated rate because it allows us to engage in extended period of uninterrupted focus, new knowledge and skills are easier to obtain when we are in the flow of Unforced Focus.

That’s why my brother had the energy to stay up all night to work on his art and he will do that day after day with little or no sleep with a dash of a big smile on his face!

Unforced focus in the most intense type of focus you can have. Edison had it. Elon Musk has it. Einstein had it Steve Jobs had it!

When you have Unforced Focus, you will just know it, you will be unable to pull yourself away from the activity.

The key here is pursuing your dreams.

Do what you love, we hear people say almost every-day. When we do what we love it doesn’t become work as such as we don’t dread our passion. That’s why you hear others say things like I work 24/7 but it doesn’t feel like work!

When we do what we love we tap into Unforced Focus which stirs the Genius that is inside of all of us.

Find your main purpose and passion in life this year.

This will turn on the Genius Gene inside of you and the Unforced Focus will enable you to achieve incredible, super-human results you never thought possible!

Unfortunately, most people fall into the habit of doing what’s easy or convenient!

When you are in work tomorrow, ask your colleagues why they are in the job they are in and most will tell you they didn’t plan to be where they are today…that everything happened by chance… most of us make fear based decisions working in jobs we are not passionate about to pay rent, to pay our mortgage.

Nothing wrong with wanting to pay our rent or mortgage but at some stage in our lives we need to go back to the drawing board and ask the question…how long can I keep doing work that’s unfulfilling for?

It’s not uncommon to hear people saying I only planned to stay in this role for 2 years and then 10 years later still doing the same thing.

It’s easy to get comfortable, to allow fear to get in the way and forget our dreams.

Let’s not just accept things and settle with what is being presented by the society, our bosses or the government.

Ask yourself is your focus driven by your willpower or by passion?


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