What every marketer wants is a higher relevancy, higher conversions, lower costs per click and higher profits from their AdWords campaigns.

In other words, make more money off every conversion while spending less and less!

These 6 Tips will show you how you can turn your struggling AdWords campaign from being marginally successful, to being highly profitable

1.Use of Single Key Word Ad group

Many marketers today make the mistake of having multiple keywords in a single ad group.

In other words, if you have many keywords for your ad group, your ad can never make a 100% match between the keyword you are bidding on and the ad that you want to show.

Have one keyword per ad group, your ad will become more relevant and more likely to convert.

Having only one keyword lowers your cost per conversion, which means higher profits for you.

2.Focus on Earning Per Click (EPC)

This is one of those forgotten metrics! When analysing ad performance most Marketers only look at Cost Per Click and forget the Earning Per Click rate.

It’s important to know what is the cost that each click is earning you. This will help you understand whether your ad will be profitable.

Start using this metric, found on your Google Analytics account, this metric will help you determine which keywords are generating sales for you.

3.Short Keywords Vs Long Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords generally steal away impressions from longer more specific keywords. Short tail keywords are usually high costs, with high competition and low conversions where as long tail are the opposite.

You need to ensure that your search terms correspond with the exact same keywords.

Rule of thumb is, both your search terms and your keywords have to be a perfect match.

When your keywords and search terms match, it prevents your short tail keywords stealing impressions from your longer tail keywords. It also makes your ad far more relevant to those searching.

4.Optimize Your Landing Pages

Do you spend just as much time tweaking your ads as you do your landing pages?

The whole purpose of running an ad on AdWords is to get people to your landing page. If your landing page is not up to scratch, no point in wasting all your effort with AdWords!

It may seem obvious, but many marketers get bogged down on tweaking their ads and forget to create a congruent message with their landing page.

5.What Does Your Call To Action (CTA) say?

When your PPC efforts are not giving you the results you want it could be because you’re not matching your call-to-action with your audiences’.

Find out whether your audience is ready to buy of just shopping around!

You can tweak your CTA all you like, but if your offer is not speaking to the temperature of your audience, then it’s never going to work!

Is Your Ad Demanding Attention?

A good Ad will have at least a mix of these elements; shock, curiosity, direct /implied benefits, self-interest your AdWords campaign won’t be profitable if your ad doesn’t command attention!

6.What about Your Competitors?

Competition can get a bit intense out there! One way to know what your competitors are doing is to use your Google Analytics, you can get insightful reports that will show you what domains you are competing with.

You can then use these reports to go through your competitors’ domains and see what keywords, display placements and landing pages they are running.

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