Many of us are in jobs we are not passionate about.

For years I worked in jobs I had zero passion for. Getting up in the morning was torturous.

I hated the sound of the alarm going off each morning.

In my head I knew that that was not what I was meant to be doing for the rest of my life.

I truly believed that it was not normal to get up unexcited every morning to go spend 10 hours of your day in a job that you did not like.

Although I hated my job I understood that it was the one thing that would help fund the idea I had of starting an online business.

I knew it was the one thing that would give me the freedom I so badly wanted.

As I  had little choice I decided to change how I viewed my job.I had to start with the negative attitude towards my job.

All of a sudden gratitude kicked in.I began to realize how grateful I was to still have a job,as a new entrepreneur starting out this was a blessing!

To have a source of income coming in to fund your start up costs,your business expenses etc we all know what this is like, its not always easy when you are starting out.

So before you hand in your notice here are the things for you to consider

 1.Gratitude Multiplies The Good

Develop a sense of gratitude.Look at your situation differently. Instead of complaining that the rose bush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have a source of income to cover their startup costs,having a job is an advantage and if used well, it can only compliment your new venture.

 2.What Stories Do You Tell Yourself About Your Job?

The situation might seem much worse than it is because of the stories we tell ourselves.Your stories about your job were created by your own mind. They are simply stories.You can change these stories…

Misery is created when we create and cling to stories such as “I hate my job,” “This is awful,” or “I should be doing something else with my life.”

These kinds of thoughts only manifests into unhappiness,negativity and the feeling of being stuck.

Change the story you tell yourself about your job, for me I had to change my story completely and begin to appreciate that my job was really helping me fund my marketing fees,advertising costs etc while starting off online.

I felt lucky that I was in a position where I was able to earn money that could help fund the expenses of running an online business.

3.Focus On Your Why/End Goal

Understand why you are still in your job today.

Know that its only for a few months and not forever! Change your perspective and your outlook will change, which in-turn will change your situation!

Once you are connected to your why, you will start valuing what you have and appreciate that you are at your job today so that you can reach your end goal tomorrow.

The key is to walk with that sense of purpose, where before you just showed up in work with no goals and filled with negativity, the difference now is that you know exactly why you are there.

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