It’s not uncommon to hear people hating this day of the week in every part of the world.

But the truth is, we hate what’s going on in our lives and/or tired of being dissatisfied with where we currently are in our lives.

Monday is therefore a reminder of all this, so then we blame it all on Monday!

You could say we are hiding from the truth, as our society has made it OK to hate Mondays and talk very openly about the Monday blues with very few solutions offered towards eradicating the issue.

We, as human beings are energy, we are vibrational beings.

Everything we are experiencing is a byproduct of this energy vibration.

Our beliefs become our thoughts…Our thoughts become our words…Our words become our actions and Our actions become our experiences or what we call reality.

We create our own experiences and it all start with our thoughts and beliefs!

If our perception is focused on everything that is going wrong or what we are not liking about where we currently are, we will continuously be creating that.

Therefore you are only multiplying all the negatives that come with feelings of dread and hate.

In my opinion we could use this dissatisfaction we feel on Mondays to motivate us to move closer to where we want to be.

How do we do this? Simply by being honest and checking in with ourselves to establish what is really going on in our current situation.

Don’t accept that hating Mondays is OK just because everyone appears to be on the same boat!

The secret to stop hating Mondays is to do what you love, and it will never feel like Monday again!

Have you ever taken a moment to imagine how it might feel not to hate Mondays again?

Do you believe that there are people out there, like you and I who love Mondays? Or may be even look forward to Mondays? Or does this thought seem too far out of reach?

Do you believe that it’s possible to start working towards your dreams starting today? Simply by taking  baby steps towards slightly better Mondays?

But the big question is, what are your beliefs and thoughts telling you?


Next time you are having those feelings of dread, here are a few tips that can help

        1. As the ‘I hate Monday thoughts’ come up, take 10  long deep breaths

        2. Have gratitude for what you “hate” most about Mondays, for example at least you have a source of income, if it’s work related.

        3. When your mind is a little clearer, take a moment to explore what triggered the thoughts around hating Monday; is it really Monday?  Or is it your job? Business? Or just an overall sense of having no direction, feeling stuck or perhaps you are sick and tired of the same daily predictable routine in the week ahead?

        4. Now that you have established a new awareness for yourself, SMILE and make a PLAN.

Do something about whatever it is that you have established.

Remember the more honest you are with yourself the more likely you are of finding a better solution.

Don’t just accept that it’s normal to hate Mondays or that this is the way modern life is, just because everyone else hates Mondays!

It’s definitely not healthy and afterall you don’t want to spend the rest of your days on this planet hating Mondays!

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