We all have all the answers within us.

In my own experience, I have found a lot of answers in my life by simply asking myself questions the way I would ask a friend and answering those questions out loud the same way I would to a friend.

Sounds crazy? Yep!

Does this mean I talk to myself out loudly? Yes, all the time!

I have realised within me there’s me – Epiphany, my ego or inner critic and my higher self, my intuition

Intuition is the inner knowing that comes from within us, it’s our inner compass, inner wisdom.

I truly believe we have all the answers within ourselves, for all the questions we might have.

Since we have been conditioned to rely on others for advice and look outside of ourselves for answers we lose the power of our intuition.

When we learn to tune in, listening close in, there’s a voice… almost like a whisper, a very strong whisper… listen to that voice.

Practicing meditation, sitting in silence, journaling and talking to yourself out loud will help you tune in.

When you meditate you hear your intuition speaking to you.

With each deep meditation, the whisper gets stronger and stronger.

When you talk to yourself you are essentially speaking to your higher self, your intuition.

Talk to yourself gently and lovingly the way you would talk to a friend, ask yourself those difficult questions, the key is to let go of any judgement, blame and self-criticism. Conversations with yourself must come from a place of compassion.

How do you know when you are not tune into intuition?

When we make fear based decisions, when we feel we need to act quickly as we are running out of time or make decisions by comparing ourselves with others –decisions like these are not coming from our intuition.

Things we intuitively feel we should do may not seem to make sense to us, they may not appear to fit in with our life plans and they may not come from a place of logic.

A large part of tuning into our intuition comes from being able to let go of control of the outcome and trusting ourselves.

How will you tune into your intuition?


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Best, Epiphany
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