How The Mind Plays Tricks on Us

Most of the time, we fear things that haven’t even happened and often will never happen. We fear the idea of something, and not the thing itself.

Our minds are built to protect us from what we perceive as new, foreign, unfamiliar, unknown.

Try to introduce anything new to your mind you will witness crazy things happening; including your mind playing tricks on you!

The mind will do whatever it takes to keep you in your comfort zone, It will blow out of proportion and overestimate every new experience you want to take on and project danger, shame, pain, rejection, failure, hurt, humiliation the list goes on etc. so that you can stay where you are.

How many times have you started thinking on doing something new only to have your mind play all the negative scenarios in front of you then ended up not going ahead with it?

This is your mind playing tricks with you!

How We Can Play Trick on Our Minds

Next time your minds play tricks on you, projecting all the negative scenarios, here are a few tips

1. Motivate Yourself Through Self-Talk

Trick your mind and act excited about whatever its projecting.

If you fear doing that presentation because your mind has projected humiliation and failure tell your mind that its ok, a little humiliation has never killed anyone before.

Watch your fear dissipate and your mind suddenly starting working with you to help you succeed on your presentation!

2. Visualize Positive Outcomes

Just like the way your mind project negative outcomes on everything new you want to take on, trick your mind and start visualizing positive outcomes.

Change the way you see things, and watch how your world changes.

3. Release Your Fears

Try writing down 5 of your most biggest fears everyday for about 21 days, this will help clear your mind. It will also give you the opportunity to see your fears right in front of you. Writing them down on a piece of paper allows you to get a different perspective, you will realize that your fears are not as big as they seem to be in your head.

4. Practice Mindfulness

From meditation to breathing techniques, yoga and positive affirmation. All these have been known to conquer fear.

Silencing your thought will put things into perspective and differentiate what’s a real fear and what’s just being blown out of proportion.

Remember that on the other side of fear lies your limitless potential so don’t allow fear to stop you from reaching your goals!


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