People will believe you if you believe in yourself, Christen Dominique

So, you have a big idea, you have discovered your purpose and you know that it can impact a lot of people.

You are taking actions but you are not really putting yourself out there because you fear criticism.

You are hiding.

You fear being judged.

1.You Say To Yourself I Won’t Be Able To Do This Until I Do That

We use this excuse to delay putting ourselves out there for the world to see us, we tell ourselves I won’t be able to accomplish this until I do such and such

We let in false assumptions about the order that things need to happen, for example;

I would love to open my own online store but first I need to save up money for a website designer, because I can’t do this without a website and will then do evening classes on marketing because I will need a marketing degree to start my own online store.

This is just one of the stories we tell ourselves.

Stop hiding and finding excuses, you don’t really need to have a marketing degree to start an online store for example instead learn to take the leap.

2.Over-Complicating and Endless Polishing

Do you find yourself adding elements after elements to your idea/creation?

You end up never really get to finish or put your work out for the world to see.

We convince ourselves that if I add xx then it will be perfect and ready to go.

We revise endlessly and convince ourselves that this will produce quality work but really, we are just hiding.

3.Looking for Feedback from The Wrong Audience

Creating without aligning your message to your potential customers can be unproductive.

Only your intended audience could tell you if your idea is viable.

Share your idea with the intended audience and get their feedback directly, did they like it? what did they not like about it?

Do some initial market research it’s so easy nowadays with so many social media platforms to reach your intended audience directly.

Usually we are so afraid of the feedback, negative criticism and rejection we don’t put our work out there for people to judge.

So, we keep hiding instead of testing and learning what works for the audience we want to reach.

4.Validating Our Work by Comparing Everyone’s Ideas First.

We tend to collect and highlight other people’s thoughts about topics we are passionate about rather than sharing our own stories.

We turn to other people to get that validation because we fear taking that first step on sharing our own voice.

We need to learn to listen to our own voices and trust our instincts and intuition.

Not everyone is going to like our work or our idea.

Resist the need to overly complicate things, looking for perfection, instead trust your own experiences and insights that are enough to get you started.

Tell your own stories, share your truths this is how we not only get customers but also change hearts and influence others.

We don’t really need to go get another degree or approval from everyone we know, we just need to get out there and do it!

Have you been hiding? Well,you’ve now been found out! 😊


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