We have all gone through difficult times, challenging times; loss of a loved one, being made redundant, a break up, a divorce, an illness in the family a terrible accident or difficult financial situation.

Our survival instinct is usually to rectify the situation or to find an easy way out, but in my humble opinion we need to trust that this is where we need to be right that moment.

By this I don’t mean you have an illness, don’t go to hospital, what I mean is trust that this situation is here to teach you something for your greater good.

Not because your dumb but because the situation is preparing you for your greater breakthrough.

Trust that the situation is there to create a necessary environment for you to transform, to become a better version of you.

It’s difficult to see anything clearly when you are faced with adversity.

Depending on the situation emotions range from anger, shame, rejection, guilty, blame, humiliation, anxiety, disappointment, hurt, embarrassment, defeat, inadequacy, insecurity, rage the list goes on

But its only when we allow ourselves to actually feel; feel the pain, the hurt, the disappointment, the humiliation, the rejection we then allow the transformation.

Immerse yourself fully in the pain, but look at it positively, accept it and allow it to teach you the lessons it’s there to teach but don’t dwell on it.

Adversity is a gift we should lean on, it’s there to bring the necessary transformation, the breakthroughs.

When we ask, what are the difficult times trying to teach us, we learn and grow, we allow the transformation process to occur. View adversity as opportunity to improve.

Try to keep some perspective as well.

Remember the good times, the wins. Remember your strength and don’t forget the amazing power that you have to change direction of things either way.

It’s easier to victimise ourselves and feel sorry for ourselves. To feel like the whole world is against us.

Why me, one would ask. Why is this happening to me?

Ask yourself how would a better version of yourself cope with the situation, be a role model to yourself.

Don’t forget gratitude, become more appreciative of what you have even in the moments where you feel completely empty. Ask yourself, if this is where you need to be what should you be doing?

Remember that the struggle will make your victory speech even more beautiful, this too shall pass and that in the midst of it all, you will have a better story to tell.

Trust your struggles, that they will end up for your greater good.


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