“Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” ~Jack Canfield

However uncomfortable and unnatural it may feel to jump out of our safe zone; the benefits outweigh the initial discomfort. It’s natural to fear the discomfort as it’s hard to see the other side immediately, this is one of the biggest challenges we need to overcome.

Whether it’s quitting that dead-end job, starting your own business, traveling on your own, getting the courage to finally ask for that pay rise, or simply spicing up your daily routine, I can assure you that the good things, luck and fortune will only come to you if you step outside your comfort zone.

Picture this, every morning the alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button 20 times before blindly getting up and start the routine of the day.

You would probably have the same thing for breakfast while running for the bus to get to work. You might get coffee on the way from that same place where they know your name.

You will get to work on the same route every day, to the same job you’ve been at for years.

After a long day of surviving through your daily tasks i.e. attending meetings you felt like storming out of, you’d come home tired, lie back on the couch and watch some mindless television.

You will most likely watch the same shows, hear the same depressing world news or some headlines on the Kardashians, eat dinner then pass out.

Tomorrow you will do this all over again!

The alarm goes off, snooze, coffee, work; I hate my job, catch the bus home, couch, dinner, mindless television, the Kardashians, and then bed!

After 5 days of doing this then the weekend finally comes. You see TGIF everywhere on social media and it feels good.

In work you are allowed to wear your casual gear on this special TGIF. For some very weird reasons everyone is extra nice this day, cracking jokes and talking to each other!

Not just ‘everyone’, but also your boss! Yes, your very own boss is smiling, laughing and joking with everyone on this special day! Woohoo! Life isn’t too bad after all!

Any plans for the weekend? They ask, you come up with a big list of all the things you intend to do, all the people you want to see. Everyone is sharing their plans now, we are now bonding!

But somewhere between the team lunch and Friday work drinks (in the same bars, hanging out with the same people, talking about the same things) you wake up with a terrible hangover Saturday morning, you then eat too much to cure the hangover, drink a bit more Saturday night and end up spending a bit too much.

Before you know it, it’s Sunday night, the only thing ticked on your big long weekend to do list was drinking and socialising!

Sunday night, we feel bad on the couch or over brunch with friends. Promise to never drink again and become more productive on the weekends!

A new week begins; we repeat the whole process all over again.

But somewhere down this road, it all starts to feel a bit draining, a bit boring, and too predictable even.

You begin to feel a bit stuck. Nothing new, no progress nothing exciting.

We’ve all been here, some of us more aware than others but unfortunately some of us just keep pushing down this road not really knowing how to change our circumstances.

We get comfort in seeing others in the same boat, confirming what we are doing is normal, sharing their struggles with us and living the same routine day in day out like us.

I don’t believe we were meant to live our lives in this merry go round.

I truly believe we lack creativity because we are constantly trying to fill up a void from the feeling of dissatisfaction we have to endure to put up with the demands of the modern life.

I completely get it, but here is what I would say – this week try something new. Even if  for only this week.

If we stay within our comfort zone and simply do what we’ve always done, then we’ll always feel stuck and remain where we are.

Challenge yourself to try new things.

It doesn’t have to be something big…

Pick an area in your life where you want to see change.

Do you want to see change in your health, relationships, finances or living situation? Then do something new in relation to the change you want to see.

Remember that we are the creators of our own lives; our circumstances will not change unless we take the initiative.

Here are a few things to remember:

There Is No Magic in Our Comfort Zone

All development happens outside our comfort zone. Growing up our parents forced us to try new things we didn’t want to do, and whether we succeeded or failed we were growing the entire time.

Somewhere along the line, we grew up, got older and we allowed fear to kick in. We finished school, started working, gained responsibilities, forced to retreat into a comfortable routine to achieve a form of stability.

It’s in the process,many of us give up on our dreams and refuse to try anything new in the name of stability and security.

What If I fail?

We don’t like to try new things because we fear failure, but we need to understand that failure is a stepping stone to success, failure does not hinder our success, failure fuels success! The most successful people are those who had to endure the most amounts of failure simply because failure is an opportunity, it gives you an opportunity to try different avenues.

Long term success comes from failure; quick wins rarely turn into long term success.

It’s the Only Way to Discover Gifts You Never Knew You Had

No matter how much you want to believe it, waiting around for something won’t get you anywhere, but the second you leave your comfort zone, you’d be surprised at how things just start falling into place

It’s not where you start but whether you start. The truth is you just have to do it. The mistake we make is we give in to fear, we fear getting hurt, we fear failing, we fear disappointing others, we fear losing it all…

if we don’t put ourselves out there we simply will never know.

 You Want To Be More Confident, Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Funny because the reason why people stay in their comfort zone is because they are shy and reserved in the first place!  But if you want build more confidence step out of your comfort zone.

Do the things you normally wouldn’t do and this will ignite a passion you never knew you had before.

Talk to people you wouldn’t talk to in work, help others, go out and volunteer, giveback to the community.

The very act of  trying something you haven’t done before will raise your confidence on its own, and also minimise the fear of interacting with people you might have had before.

Confidence and social skills are a by-product of your breaking of the ordinary and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Ditch the Mindless Comfort-Zone Distractions

Get up early, spend time with yourself and plan your day instead of rushing out of the door each morning. Spend time in nature, go swim in the ocean before going to work

Try taking a different route to work, take the bus instead of the train.

Walk to work for a week or cycle in if you usually take the bus

At work, go out for a walk at lunch or if you can catch the bus and go home to have lunch, do that instead of having lunch at your desk. Do something different; may be help a colleague complete a project, show someone how to use the new printer, volunteer to do the coffee run or bring in some yummy doughnuts to share! I promise you will feel much better for it!

In the evening try and do something else instead of watching mindless television series.

Turn off Facebook and all social media for a month

Go dry and stop drinking for two months! I stopped drinking and eating meat for a while and it was great, you will always have one or two people who will not be happy with your new found freedom and think you have lost your marbles but ignore these ones.

Stop eating sugar for longer!

Fast at least once a week, fasting is good for you!

Give, give and give to others; time, money, inspiration, love, anything of value; unwanted clothes, unwanted books, clothes don’t SELL them give them away for FREE!

Volunteer at your local community and help others.

Leave your mobile phone turned off or at home once a week!

Learn some new skills by watching YouTube videos, start a project that you’ve never got round to.

Stop buying things just for the sake of it, stop “retail therapy” for 6 months, stop visits to the mall! Trust me you will be so glad you did.

These are just examples of stepping outside your comfort zone you really don’t have to start with big drastic change it’s all in the baby actions!

As you can see the list is endless the secret is to start with the little things and move to even bigger challenges!

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