So many women get stuck because of this one thing: they are turning to their friends and family for feedback – on their ideas, their projects, their big dreams.

It’s natural. We are excited about something and we want to share it, we want others to be excited as we are about our idea – it might be a potential career change, a business idea, or something else we’d love to create.

So a little voice in us wants to know: Is it a good idea? Am I crazy?

So we venture out and go talk to people closest to us – our friends and family – about what we’re thinking. Looking for some sort of affirmation and validation, we want our family and friends to be excited as we are about our ideas, so we ask the big question “So what do you think?”

And then it gets tough because

1) A lot of the time they don’t get the idea, don’t like it or believe in it as we do, don’t think the idea is a good one or

2) Even if they do like it, have you noticed how their validation doesn’t really set you free to start taking action?

It often leaves you wanting more emotional validation from others.

Here’s what I would say;

Do not go to your family and friends for feedback on whatever new idea/project/career move you are considering.

What we get from friends and family is their love for us, their desire for us to be safe, their own experiences, and their own fears and their desire to protect us.

Most of the times they haven’t gone through the same personal transformational journey that we have either.

Of course there are exceptions to this but most of the time, recognising this will help us start moving forward towards our dreams.
Let dear friends and family play that incredibly powerful role that family and friends can play – in loving you, in cheering you on. Go to friends and family for support – not for feedback. Tara Mohr.

For feedback on whether the career move is viable, whether the potential business has a market, whether that title for your book is compelling etc. – go to the people you want to influence and reach with your work.

Reach the people you want to serve directly via social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc., this way you will know if your business/idea can really help others. Family and friends might not get what you do but your potential customers will.

If you want to start a new business in a new niche for example; post your idea on social media and talk directly to your potential customers, ask a few of them what they think. You will be surprised by the feedback, you will know instantly if your idea is viable or not.

Get feedback from your mentors, business partners, or a community of like-minded people.

Get feedback from the people you want to influence and serve – only they have the perspective to be able to give you accurate information on the feasibility of your idea.

Go to family and friends for support.

For feedback, go to the people you want to influence and serve through your new venture.


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