How Can I Start a Business Around a Full-time Job?

A lot of people have started a business while still working at their full time job and it’s absolutely possible to replace your income before leaving to focus on a business.

More so than ever today, its possible to work on your passion part time outside work turning your interests into income.

When I was started, I worked evenings, early mornings and weekends around my full time job. Anytime I could find really, for me it was no bother as I have always enjoyed learning and figuring out stuff so it was no hassle staying in at the weekends learning how to set up a Facebook Ad and taking a break from going out partying.

What kind of business can you run part-time?

Start with your passion. What are your interests and how can you turn them into a living? I truly believe this is our essence, I believe we were born to improve and hone our gifts not wasting a lot of time trying to correct our weaknesses.

For example one of my clients is a Marketing Executive for a big marketing agency in Sydney, but she had always had a passion for interior designing and did an interior design course in the evening.Today she is developing a product that she will sell on Amazon and will use her marketing skills to promote and sell her interior products.

Another client works in a law firm and recently became a new mom, she was looking everywhere for these specific type of diapers for her newborn to no avail.While at home she decided to research ways to manufacture and sell the diapers she was looking for, she is now sourcing suppliers with a view of bringing new diapers into the market.

There are many other stories like this but you get the idea.

My advice is look at your passions and how they can help solve someone else’s problem. Usually what we love doing the most is where our natural talents are hidden, combine your experience to date from your current employment or previous jobs to help you in your new venture.

turn you business into income

Get started with Affiliate marketing

So what business models can you start around your job? There are many, you might not even have to go through this route and start working on your own product from the get go but affiliate marketing is a great one to start with.

This is where you sell other people’s products for commission – without having to do any fulfillment or delivery.

It’s a great way of learning how to generate the income needed to grow your own business

Sell with E-commerce

Another option is to sell physical products with E-commerce.With E-commerce, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can order existing products in bulk at a fraction of the cost, and then set up a sales system. E-commerce platforms like Shopify or Amazon FBA are a great way to understand the business process.

Amazon will process the payments from customers and deal with the packaging, distributing, and customer service on your behalf.

In the meantime, you’ll get busy selling the products and setting up marketing and ad campaigns to make those sales happen – which is a great way to face the fear of the unknown.

How I got started with a part-time business

For me, I started with as an affiliate marketer, I wanted to understand how marketing and selling worked therefore I started with affiliate marketing earning commissions selling other people’s physical products online.

Eventually, I was able to leave my job and focus on the core of my business and what I set out to do.

However not everyone will have to start with affiliate marketing I have seen many others starting on their own product from the get go and outsourcing where there are gaps for resources.

How long does it take to see results?

People always want the ultimate answer to the question “how long is it going to take?” But I’ve seen so much diversity, it takes anything from 6 months to 3 years depending on how focused you are as well as your commitment to learning the ropes.

If for example you picked the right product for the market at the time, you will obviously generate sales quicker and you’ll gain the momentum and confidence needed to rinse and repeat – and grow.


Remember, you are never going to have all the answers and the timing will never be perfect. You will never have enough money or enough knowledge, skills or time.

The secret is to start where you are, just like learning anything new.You will never know until you have actually done it.

We have been conditioned to plan for the worst case scenario, while this strategy sounds like the best way to prevent failure it’s also what paralyses most people.

We fear the unknown but we are wanting quick results that follows our plans to the T, unfortunately nothing works like that in business or otherwise.

Start learning how to turn your interests into income from today instead.

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