Many businesses would tell you that it’s not simple to run effective PPC campaigns and while there are so many other different ways of generating traffic out there, PPC campaigns remain the bread and butter for most businesses.

It takes time, research and practice to run efficient campaigns but by avoiding some of the most common mistakes, many entrepreneurs could start seeing results quicker and doubling their traffic and conversions in the process.


This is the most important element of your campaign. If your ad copy does not appeal to your audience, then it doesn’t matter if you have paid thousands to bid on your keywords!

In his book Adweek Copywriting Handbook Joseph Sugarman, one of the best of the best at writing copy that sells, reveals insightful secrets and tools on how to write impactful ads. You don’t need 3 masters and a PHD but you need to understand human behaviours and their emotional triggers.

Review your Ad Copy headlines, call to action and landing pages; Is your headline offering solution to your customers’ problem? Is your call to action actionable? Is it offering value and in congruent with your headline?

Your landing page should immediately address what you have promised, offered or wrote about on your ad. If you make a claim in your ad, your landing page should back up that claim immediately.

2. Keywords

Another most important component of any PPC campaign is your keywords. Choosing the right keywords is crucial.

Review and tweak your keywords regularly. Analyse your keywords with a view to determine which keywords account for your sales. It’s not uncommon to find many marketers wasting a lot of money on non-performing key words.

Remove keywords that are under performing and stick to those that are doing well and increase spending on high value keywords MOZ SEO Learning Centre

3. Using PPC for Very Wrong Reasons

PPC campaigns should be first and foremost about profits, not about how many leads you get or how much traffic you can get.

There’s no point accumulating thousands of leads if you are not turning those leads into something profitable. Focus on generating quality leads that you can later convert into profit.

Think in terms of Return Of Investment – ROI, if you are spending money on advertising how much profit/sales are you generating on your investment?

4. Understand That You need to Spend Money to Make Money

Although most platforms will enable you to set an advertising budget and monitor your own spend, be prepared and willing to spend, test, make mistakes and try again.

If you are on a tight budget you could use Ad scheduling for example; this will allow you to run your ads at the cheaper times of the day.

Other tactics like decreasing your bid position and using negative keywords have been used to help reduce the cost per click while still improving your quality score

The key is tweaking and testing different aspects to see which ones work best for you.

5. Not Testing Your Ad Campaign

Running an effective PPC campaign takes a lot of work and can be very time consuming, it’s important to remember not to stop testing.

Most entrepreneurs find something that works and stick with it, which is good, but with technology in the search engines constantly changing your campaign will also need some tweaking to reflect these changes.

You need to monitor your ads performance constantly and make adjustments accordingly. Also, beware of inactivity as it has been shown to decrease your quality score and impressions.


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