Happy Easter!

April is the start of a new quarter, we are now heading towards a second quarter of the year.

What goals did you set up to achieve in January 2017?

Ask yourself. How I am tracking towards my goals?

Are you following your plans or are you letting things happen by chance?

Did you know that you are in control of what happens to your life?

It’s not up to your boss, the government, your family or the economy.

Are you smashing your goals? If not what is holding you back?

Do you find yourself procrastinating, not taking action, filled with self-doubt and lack self-belief or the motivation?

It’s time to review your progress of your goals

1.What story do you tell yourself?

Do you find yourself saying things like “I can’t… I am too old to… I am not good at …it’s too risky to start something new or  I don’t have enough experience?

2.Do you use your day job as an excuse?

A lot of people trick themselves into thinking they will work really, really hard and then one day they can retire and do what they really love. Start working on your passion part time in the evenings and weekends and turn into a full-time gig, over time.

3.May be, you are still figuring out your ‘Why?’

Many of us still find ourselves searching for our passion,our purpose.There is no need to go searching for something that is already inside of us. Remember when you were younger you just knew what you wanted to do then? Sitting in silence and meditation will help you figure out what moves you.

4.Are You Surrounded by the Passion Killers?

Friends and family can become dream-killers, “You can’t do that – you won’t make any money.” or “No-one made any money doing xx, there’s no way you can pull it off. “Listen to your family and friends but reach out to your potential customers directly to find out if your idea is viable. Join a community of like-minded people and find mentors who can help you kick-start and motivate you through your journey.

5.Do You Fear Failure?

This can be paralyzing. Sometimes we want something so bad that the thought of it not coming to fruition can stop us starting.Fell the fear and do it anyway.Learn how to be comfortable with not getting what you want immediately,change your perspective,failure is usually nothing but learnings that we need to go through to get to where we want to go

6.Are You Afraid of Even Taking That First Step

Starting anything new can be scary, most people believe they need to have everything figured out before they leap. You will never have all the knowledge so learn to start before you are ready.Just start,take small consistent action everyday is all you need to do to be a success.

7.Are You Overwhelmed by the Vastness of the Vision?

When we hold this huge dream in our hearts, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to even take that first step.

Start breaking things down into manageable chunks.

You enhance your chances of completing a goal if you actually get started.

Breaking down your tasks into bite sized pieces is what will help you get started.

There’s 3 more quarters left in the year.

Ask yourself what story do you want to tell in Jan 2018?


Happy Easter!
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