Think about it… Is That What We Really Are Here To Do?

To spend  40 years of our lives in a career only to be given a golden watch on retirement?

Last week end I was tidying up my apt and came across an old box that I kept things for a number of years.

In the box there was a letter that my dad had written before he retired from his job as a Marketing Manager for this big Company he worked at in Dar Es Salaam.

In this letter he wrote, “the date of my retirement has been agreed to be the 2004”, he then went on to ask the question “what have I done and achieved in my working life”… looking back in his career, he was proud of his family and his wife but his career, it seemed it was just that – a career or  the number of years he spent working for the man…

On his retirement after all the years of hard work in this company he would have been lucky to even get the golden watch, would be lucky to have the CEO of the company personally recognizing his 40 years contribution!

Is That What We Really Are Here To Do?

Working for years only to be given a watch on our retirement?

Looking back this was one of the reasons why I decided and chose to start an online business



We are here in this life not just to pay the bills and raise our kids, but we are here  to live, to love and to enjoy the moments,not just holidays and the week ends but every moment we are on this planet.

The problem is most of us think that our best life is out reach,the system has had us believe that way.Suppose I may tell you that your best life is truly within your reach and that today you can actually take the first step into changing the things that make you feel  stuck and not being able to create the changes you dream of?

Think about it…

We are creators of our own lives.Its up to us to give our lives a meaning and its not up to our boss or the government.

I truly believe there is a bit more to this life that slaving for 40 years only to be given a watch on your retirement!

My dad passed last year but if I was to take any lesson from the letter he wrote is that we must live our lives with no regrets.

Best Wishes,
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