What happened between us saying “When I Grow Up I want to be….to what we are currently doing?”

Think back to when you were a child and adults asked what you wanted to be when you grew up. Perhaps you said a scientist, a doctor, a tennis player or a teacher.

And do you remember your teachers or family’s reactions? I highly doubt anyone tried to discourage you or called your dream silly or un-achievable you likely received encouragement that you can be whatever you want someday if you work hard and apply yourself.

As children, we had dreams and some of us even knew for certain what we wanted to do in our later life.

We perceived the world as an endless array of possibilities.

But somehow along the way of bad advice, fear, procrastination, poor life choices etc. we have deterred away from these dreams.

Whether we experienced a set back, made a mistake or grew disenchanted we shifted gears to something easier or something more traditional. And with that, our dreams went out the window. we took a desk job we hated, promising ourselves it would only be temporary.

Most of us find ourselves in jobs or careers that are very different to what we aspired to have as children.

As women, we get caught up in playing so many roles for so many people in our lives: wife, mother, daughter, employee, caregiver, and the list goes on. It’s easy to lose track of who we really are and what it is we want out of life. We follow some prescribed formula and wonder why we aren’t fulfilled.

But as the years go by we start asking these question. Why isn’t my corporate job satisfying? Why haven’t I grown closer to my financial goals? Why am I still in this rat race?

What is my passion? What’s my purpose, Is it too late to follow my dreams?

What felt fine for years start to feel constraining, dull, even unbearable.

And because our desk job is not true to who we really are, we feel a bit short, unfulfilled, even like we have been living a lie.

This is a result of us conforming, following a prescribed lifestyle,going against who we truly are…it happens when we are not living our authentic selves.

We have all heard stories of people having midlife crisis, people changing careers, moving countries or changing directions, this is a result of that.

It is never too late to start something new… its never too late to change the sails!

It’s time to move away from the voice of self-doubt in your head that says you can’t do xxx.

There’s no rule that says once you make your choices you have to stick to them. You can redirect your life at any moment—the first step is being honest with yourself about who you are at your core and the second step is honoring the “true you.” You must stay true to your values, dreams, talents, instincts, passion and everything that makes you, you.

Being true to yourself is a must in reaching your financial dreams.You will make a living living someone else’s life but will make a fortune doing something that is authentic you.


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